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A preview of my pitch masterclass.

8-minute trailer for what to expect

Every Tuesday at 4pm Eastern I run an online pitch coaching masterclass. Entrepreneurs can apply to pitch and I give constructive feedback and discuss topics I think will be useful.

This is a free workshop open to any of my newsletter subscribers. You’ll automatically get the weekly invite on Fridays. If you want to apply to pitch just contact me and attach your pitch deck. I’ll confirm if we have a slot.

“Your session was wonderful and so helpful, really appreciate the clarity & empathy you brought forward.” - Lena Kalaycian, Founder in Residence,

As a 25-yr serial entrepreneur, I've had the opportunity to pitch to many investors and mentors. Raymond took the time to listen carefully to my pitch, and watch my delivery. I was impressed with the how much he was invested in delivering quality and meaningful feedback, both on content and approach. - Norm Couturier, CEO Terris Earth Intelligence

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A Leap of Faith
A Leap of Faith
Raymond Luk