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I write weekly posts about pitching, fundraising and the skills of founder storytelling. I focus on practical advice and frameworks that help entrepreneurs teach themselves how to improve. Two principles guide my writing: be useful, and be positive.

"Raymond taught me the difference between explaining my business and pitching it. With his generous and direct feedback, Raymond put me in the shoes of my audience -- early stage investors -- and gave me what I needed to launch a successful campaign with confidence." — Srinivas Krishna, Founder/CEO Geogram

Look for posts about developing great pitch decks, case studies, templates and discussions with founders and investors. This is not just for tech startups and VCs. It’s about business storytelling.

I do coaching on a very limited basis available here.

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I run a weekly Masterclass where founders pitch in front of a live / online audience and get constructive feedback. Subscribers get the weekly invite and can apply to pitch. I’ll also be adding community content like videos of past workshops, templates and more.

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I post something new every Tuesday and share Masterclass recaps and community content on Fridays. Plus occasional content drops I think you’ll find interesting.

Why the woodpecker?

Woodpeckers have evolved to be able to bang their heads against the wall (or tree) over 12,000/day at a force 10 times more than would cause a concussion in normal humans. Entrepreneurs can relate.

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Author of Pitching a Leap of Faith, the pitch deck guide for entrepreneurs. Founder of Hockeystick, Flow Ventures, Year One Labs.