A 12-part series
Extracting and analyzing story flow; how to tell marketplace stories.
How much time will we have between AI being not-quite good enough at storytelling to being much better than us? We’re about to find out. ChatGPT from…
This is part 1 of a series where I’ll walk through the slides in a pitch deck and discuss different approaches to making them better.
A simple template for the financial slide
Use AIR (alternatives, inertia, roadmap) to tell your solution's story.
Prediction: it’s now only a matter of time before pitch decks become obsolete. Recently, I used ChatGPT to create a very convincing startup idea and…
Disruptive storytelling series
You can study cap tables like a geologist studies sedimentary rock. The top layers are made up of freshly laid down preferred shares, maybe a…
Is my version better than the original?
Simple tools for answering an important question.
A framework for connecting your slides together