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R.I.P. Pitch Decks

The era of AI-assisted pitching is here

Are you a lemon? How to send strong signals to investors.

How to pitch with empathy

3 Case Studies on Pitch Cohesion.

How to make your pitch more cohesive.

The Element of Surprise.

Heroes, Villains and Victims

Pitch Deck Makeover: Goodlawyer

Pitch Teardown: the Goodlawyer Seed Deck

Thinking about founders as pilots

“That will never scale!” (and other myths)

Teardown Fridays - A final teardown of the Good Neighbors pitch deck

How to build a better pitch deck

Sample Slides - Good Neighbors

Teardown Fridays - Good Neighbors' traction, financials, ask

How you start and finish your pitch

Pitch Teardown Fridays - the Team slide

Why you've been thinking of traction all wrong

Pitch Teardown Fridays - Good Neighbors Go To Market Slide

How to think about the team slide in your pitch deck

Teardown Fridays - Good Neighbors Business Model Slide

How to talk about financial projections in your pitch deck

Teardown Fridays - Good Neighbors Competition Slide

You've built a better mousetrap, now you need to go to market

Teardown Fridays - Good Neighbors Market Size

Telling the story of how you make money

How Not to Lie to Yourself About Competition

Leap of Faith Weekly - Mini-teardown of my own startup idea

The Market Size Dilemma

Leap of Faith Community - Where to watch pitch videos, plus some practice exercises.

Why Now? Change is the Key to Your Pitch.

Community Weekly - Lots of elevator pitches, sign up for Pitch Lab July 19th

How Not to Waste Your Product Slide

Community Weekly - Quick hits from Julien Smith, MTL Pitch Workshop, Weekly Poll.

Your Startup's DNA: The Solution Slide

Community Weekly - Next week Pitch Lab with Julien Smith, Live Mtl Masterclass Jul 12, Insights and What VC AI bots say

A preview of my pitch masterclass.

Start With The Problem - Slide 1

The Liam Neeson Approach to Pitching

Why investor feedback is so confusing